Photo © Hany Tamba

Photo © Hany Tamba


Attracted to sciences, Paris-based artist, Nathalie Delaborde Tamba first studied biology and chemistry, but her artistic sensitivity later led her to Art School. With a Graphic Design diploma in hand, she then pursued a career as an Art Director in a design agency for many years before going freelance in 2010 and starting her photographic experimentations.  

A mix of organic matter and photographic artistry pushes her work towards a unique vision of how the mind can play games. It is a reflective study of an instinctive exploration.

As with any scientific experiment, she creates her own matter and models it until powerful gazes emerge from the darkness. These ghostly apparitions guide our imagination and trigger different emotions.




All photos of DARK SOULS LIVE HERE are printed on Harman by Hahnemuhle paper (80X56 cm)



NEW YORK : From Feb 2rd to Feb 13th